Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you are likely to have a lot of questions about the HOCATT™, the modalities it provides and how it could potentially impact your clients and business.

The list of below is a series of questions we often receive. Simply click on the question and the answer will open up below.


It is indeed safe. All the technologies integrated into the HOCATT are for natural wellness. The unit itself is electrical safety certified, bearing the CE approval.

How do I market the HOCATT™?

We have found that your clients will take care of much of that for you. Everywhere the HOCATT™ is placed, the clients have been so excited about their results they are eager to share and do so with other clients as well as all their friends and family.  Signature Health will offer low-cost incentives and referral letters to help keep that going and reward your clients for their loyalty and generosity in recommending your services to their acquaintances.

Signature Health is proud to offer a strong marketing package to HOCATT™ Healthcare and Wellness Professionals. There is an entire marketing package that includes training and forms to aid you and/or your staff through the processes of building your business with the HOCATT™.

We offer the following with your HOCATT™ purchase:

  • An effective marketing plan for you to build your practice/business,
  • Tools such as electronic brochures, flyers, marketing forms, scripts and referral letters,
  • Minimally priced incentive items (promo pacs) to increase your referral business.

The HOCATT is so versatile that almost everyone is a candidate for HOCATT sessions. Those who are well and want to maintain or improve performance; those who would like to slow the hands of time and help with anti-aging; those who seek beauty/improve appearance; those who want to manage weight; those who want to detox and support immune system function are all likely clients who can receive benefit from sessions with the HOCATT. Almost anyone is a likely client.

HOCATT is very dependable and we do not anticipate your having a lot of service problems.  It was designed in a modular plug and play plan to make service fast and easy because our interest is in eliminating any downtime.

HOCATT is also covered by excellent guarantees and warranties. See our guarantee page for more info.

The HOCATT and its marketing package are aimed at established professionals who want to provide the best care possible for their clients while increasing their earning potential.

There is a calculator on the ROI page that can assist with estimated income.

Return on Investment

Signature Health views your investment in the HOCATT as our own and strives to provide the perfect tools to assure your success.

It is recommended that there be room for a table, bed, chair available for the client to rest quietly for a brief period after the session. The room needs good ventilation and may require a fan or even ventilation fan if the unit is in continuous use.

HOCATT sessions are usually 25-30 minutes.  Most protocols recommend 2-3 sessions per week, but some cases may require daily sessions initially.  A couple of sessions per month are recommended even for the most healthy clients looking to detox or just maintain their wellness and vitality.

The HOCATT is simple and easy to use.  A manual will be provided to guide you through all its functions.  There will also be video demonstrations.  We are planning for webinars and more advanced training sessions-even certification for HOCATT use.

In general, we have found that existing staff can handle the HOCATT sessions as well but additional staff could be required for multiple HOCATT’s.  One technician can handle several HOCATT’s at once if they are in proximity.

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