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Suffering From Unbearable Fibromyalgia Pain?

See How This Woman Got Rid Of Her Fibromyalgia Pain Almost Overnight!

Get The Facts & See If It Could Help!

The first step is to get your questions answered, give you some more free information and see if the HOCATT could help get rid of your pain without taking expensive or controversial drugs!

Think Nothing Can Help? Think Again!
HOCATT’s Power of 10 Technologies Make All the Difference

Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapy

The HOCATT uses both steam and FIR (Far Infrared) to heat up the entire body which does a whole host of impressive things including whole body detoxification that doesn’t burden the internal systems in the body, and also acceleration of lactic acid removal to keep soreness away.

CO2 Infusion creates Carbonic Acid

The HOCATT infuses CO2 in the beginning of each session which results in the increase of Carbonic Acid in the body. Among other benefits that you , this substance dissolves fat and fights inflammation, increases blood circulation by up to 359%, and reduces stress. This means that you'll be able to experience benefits right away.

CO2 Potentiated Ozone Cycle

The carbonic acid cycle enhances the level of absorption of ozone which ramps up the anti-inflammatory effects that the HOCATT brings you. It will promote the body's production of certain vitamins, stimulate the body's anti-oxidant system, and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

PEMF through the Hugo

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields or PEMF have been proven to physiologically decrease chronic inflammation. They are used in the HOCATT's unique technology to provide you, not only anti-inflammatory benefits, but also pain relief, increased oxidation, and better digestion.

Plus 6 other technologies...

All strategically combined and timed to bring ultimate wellness!

I want to stand on the top of Table mountain and shout to the world that I have discovered  answers for my medical problems… problems, I am sure so many other people suffer from on a daily basis! 

I chose Table Mountain specifically, because it was formally inaugurated as one of the world’s seven wonders, and HOCATT treatments fall into that category! What a pleasant surprise my first visit was… After a couple of sessions, I slowly began to feel cautiously optimistic… The most important difference I noticed first was a pain-free body!!! I was so scared that it might only be a dream and waking up will dump me back into that pool of pain … but other benefits soon followed… My energy was returning, and I slept like a baby. For the average person these pointers might not mean much, but trust me, for anybody with pain, being deprived from a good night sleep and feeling fatigued most of the time, sleeping is an almost out-of-body experience! I had forgotten how it feels to be ‘whole’ again…

Vicky Dewing, South Africa

Want your life back? See if the HOCATT can help you too!

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