High Intensity, Nano-Second, Spark Gap PEMF technology engineered to restore and optimize the body’s natural healing system…now from the comfort of your own home!  Book a Q&A call below to get your questions answered now before we run out of units!


Bring the power of Intense into your home!

Elite Technology
& Affordable

Until now, the power, technology and incredible health benefits found in the HUGO Intense were only available to the super rich, elite and wellness clinics/professionals.  But we’re going to change all that.  Introducing, HUGO Intense.

Spark Gap Technology

Revolutionary, nano second, spark gap technology can now be used at home!

Dual Full Body Mats

Reduce inflammation, pain and detoxify your whole body at once!

Quality Components

Components and technology that will last through the years!

Short sessions save time

High Intensity offers incredible benefits in as little as 3-12 minutes!

Use TWO Applicators At The Same Time

No Applicators

The Intense has TWO capacitors, this means that...

One Applicator

One person can use two applicators simultaneously, or...

Two Applicators

Two people can each use a single applicator simultaneously!


The HUGO™ Intense Difference

High Intensity, Nano-Second, Spark Gap PEMF technology engineered to restore and optimize the body’s natural healing system… now from the comfort of your own home!

Tony Robbins Uses His HUGO™ Every Day

"It charges up the cells so they communicate better…I use it every day."
Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Uses His HUGO™ Every Day

"It charges up the cells so they communicate better…I use it every day."
Tony Robbins

Why Tony Robbins Loves His HUGO™ ​

And just how important his "Electric Taco" is to him and his business!

Inside Tony Robbins Fiji Home to Demonstrate HUGO™

How Does HUGO™ Intense Stack Up?

HUGO Intense Home Bundle

HUGO Intense High-Intensity PEMF Driver, Dual Full Body Mat Set (unique to HUGO) home bundle.  Plus you’ll get the Single Loop Applicator for free when you order during our launch special.


$8,999 $6,999 + FREE SHIPPING

Order now and get a FREE Loop applicator valued at $750!

HUGO Intense Applicators

Dual Mat Set



Double Loop



Single Loop



20M Rope Coil




PEMF you can

Actually Feel!

Hugo Intense utilizes spark gap nanosecond pulse technology to create true High-Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. Unlike the low-intensity devices, you can actually FEEL the pulses, so you will know for sure that something is actually happening. The nanosecond pulse is necessary to enhance the transmembrane potential in the cells, which enhances the transportation of nutrients and waste across the cell membrane. This helps to detoxify the cells, to get more waste out and allow more nutrients in. This is only possible with true High-Intensity PEMF devices that utilize a spark-gap.


Full Body High-Intensity PEMF

Other High Intensity PEMF devices only come with accessories to target a specific area (like a shoulder or a knee) at a time. Some may even come with a mat that’s just big enough to target your back if you have back pain. While the HUGO Intense DOES come with an accessory to target specific areas, it also comes with the HUGO’s patent-pending dual full-body mats which can deliver High-Intensity PEMF to the whole body at the same time.


The "Sandwich" Effect

HUGO comes with its patent pending, full body, dual mat system. The two mats together provide an amplified field. But the main benefit of using the dual mats together, is lying in-between them. Your body basically becomes the filling in a PEMF “sandwich”.

This is because when you use just one mat, the field is strongest at the mat and loses strength as is passes through your body, which means that the side of your body that is not in contact with the mat is exposed to a weaker field. Whereas lying in-between two mats means that the full strength of the magnetic field can penetrate the body equally from both sides, at the same time.

Results far faster

turn 2-3 weeks into...

12 Minutes Or Less!

With Low-Intensity PEMF devices you’re looking at session times of 30 to 90-minutes. What Low-Intensity devices and wearable PEMFs can do in 2-3 weeks, a true High Intensity device can do in just 12-minutes or less! You get to enjoy all the benefits of PEMF in as little as 3 – 12 Minutes a day.

saves time

Same Revolutionary Tech At A Fraction of the Cost

Now you can get access to the same revolutionary technology used by Tony Robbins, wellness clinics and other high performers but at a fraction of the cost for use in your own home!  Introducing the HUGO™ Intense, home unit.

Get Your Very Own HUGO™ Intense For Only $8,999 $6,999 With FREE Shipping!

Order now and get a FREE Loop applicator valued at $750!

We give you a 30-day money back guarantee

If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied and delighted with your HUGO Intense, simply pay to ship it back to us for a full refund!

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Counteract Our Toxic World And Feel GREAT!

Recharge your body with HUGO™ Today!

Whether you're simply looking for a way to reduce pain and inflammation or you want to supercharge your body's energy and vitality, HUGO™ Intense is for you.

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We have satisfied users from all over the world

I started doing HUGO 4 times a week...specifically HUGO with the cable coil positioned on my right shoulder for 12 minutes for each session.

It didn't take long for me to start to have an improvement. After the first week, the general pain in my shoulder had notably decreased, and as a result, I started to be able to move my shoulder a lot easier.

I started to increase the frequency of the HUGO sessions to 5-6 times a week and after just over 3 weeks, my shoulder regained it's full movement again and I had no more pain at all!
Golf Enthusiast
Thank you it's an amazing product, can't live without it now...

I saw some frankly miraculous and instantaneous results, particularly with my mother...
Health Enthusiast

HUGO™ Intense, isn't more than you deserve... It's just more than you're used to!

Pain reduction, increased energy, better blood flow, accelerated healing and SO MUCH MORE is just one click away!

Order now and get a FREE Loop applicator valued at $750!

Get started now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring this revolutionary technology into your home at such an incredible price!


What Is WGS (White Glove Service) Delivery?

WGS means that the delivery company will un-crate the unit for you. If you do not purchase WGS, you will need to un-crate the unit yourself.

PLEASE NOTE:  WGS is not included in the purchase price, unless pertinently stated otherwise, and will carry an additional cost. Should you wish to make use of WGS, please notify us on this form so that we may obtain a quotation for you prior to delivery.