HUGO™ High Intensity PEMF

Exactly What Is HUGO™?

HUGO™ is the only nano-second spark gap PEMF device that offers the patent-pending HUGO™ Dual Full Body Mats delivering Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields above and below the body simultaneously. The unique design offers two full body mats, used above and below the body simultaneously.  This allows the electromagnetic fields to home in on inflammation in the body and quickly dissipate the associated discomfort.

With HUGO™, you are stimulating all the areas of the body simultaneously top and bottom, and therefore it only takes a maximum of 12 minutes per session instead of 60-90 minutes. This is big-time savings for busy people – AND TIME IS MONEY

With HUGO™ there is no doubt that it is working – you feel the pulsations. After the session you feel energized and euphoric, and you are tuned up to your body’s optimal cellular state.

The HUGO™ is in the High Intensity Tesla class of bio-electromagnetic PEMF devices.  HUGO™ employs the Tesla coil, with a spark gap between the capacitor and high voltage transformer which sets the standard for this class of PEMF devices.  The Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields penetrate deeply into the body to the cellular level. 

 PEMF has been shown to be completely safe apart from the contraindications listed.


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What Is WGS (White Glove Service) Delivery?

WGS means that the delivery company will un-crate the unit for you. If you do not purchase WGS, you will need to un-crate the unit yourself.

PLEASE NOTE:  WGS is not included in the purchase price, unless pertinently stated otherwise, and will carry an additional cost. Should you wish to make use of WGS, please notify us on this form so that we may obtain a quotation for you prior to delivery.