HOCATT™ In My Practice

HOCATT™ In My Practice

maximize the revenue per sq ft with

Bottom Line ROI

Maximizing the footprint of your practice is critical for a health or wellness professional. Every decision must be weighed carefully. What equipment you choose determines the competitive advantage you have. What if there was a way to maximize space, provide state-of-the-art modalities and be one of the few who provides a holistic wellness strategy for your patients. It’s the future now.

HOCATT™ Plus’s scientifically-proven technologies give your practice the strategic advantage you have been looking for coupled with a real return on investment. In addition to the risk-free purchase options, the HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna gives your practice:



“As patients heard about the HOCATT, they began to come in higher numbers. When they experienced it for themselves, they preferred it over other forms of treatment. Patient satisfaction is higher now, and my practice continues to grow because of the degree of recovery after HOCATT sessions.”

Dr. stefan tiron

Dr. Stefan Tiron

  • Additional Income Streams – No additional staff required for system operation.
  • Unique Modalities of Interest to Clients – Address a variety of foundational wellness and cosmetic concerns with a single device.
  • Multiple Technologies – One machine can benefit a wide range of client needs, using scientifically proven technologies, there's no need to invest in multiple machines with limited functionality.
  • Office Efficiency while increasing Client Loyalty – Maximize time, space, staff, and revenue by offering session packages that require minimal staff time, and ensures repeat business and increased revenue.
  • An Answer to the Problem – Research has shown clients will see seven professionals before they find someone who provides a solution. HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna gives you the solution to such a large number of issues that you know you have what your client needs.

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What You Get From Us?

To ensure your success, we have created a repository of education, training and marketing tools so you don’t have to figure out how to do this on your own. You have ongoing support to ensure you maximize your HOCATT™ investment and ensure a long-term wellness strategy for your clients.

  • First, you are purchasing the best and most versatile system on the market. Indeed, it is unique, the only unit of its kind. There are many ozone saunas on the market but none rival the quality of the HOCATT™ and no other device offers all the technologies of the HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna.
  • HOCATT™ turns your clients into your best sales force, as happy clients start referring others to you.
  • The cost of the HOCATT™ is very low when compared to purchasing the various technologies individually.
  • Higher fees for individual sessions for the HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna are supported by the multi-technology feature.
  • Multi-technology sessions reduce staffing, time and space needs.

In just 30-minutes, you will have your clients on their way to a new state of wellness – one they have not seen or felt in many years. Scientifically proven, the HOCATT’s core modalities provide comprehensive benefits that cannot be found elsewhere. You have a unique solution that ensures you see your clientele regularly – a definite improvement in client flow and a great way to increase referral business.

Seeing is believing, be sure to watch the video to hear from Dr. Herman Spies who shares his experience using the HOCATT™ in his clinic…

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