Quality of Products and Workmanship

The owner of Signature Health relocated his home to be on-site and manage day to day operations to ensure all manufacturing is to his precise and exacting specifications. Providing the absolute best product to his customers is that important! He strives continually to be the best and will not accept less than the best materials and workmanship.

The body of the HOCATT™ chamber is made from an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) outer skin that is structurally supported with fiberglass. While the cost of producing ABS is roughly twice the cost of producing lesser products, it is considered superior because it combines strength, rigidity, hardness, gloss, toughness and electrical insulation properties. This ABS skin maintains its aesthetics longer than other materials used for saunas such as wood or fiberglass. It does not discolor and rarely will even succumb to a hairline crack. It is easy to clean and maintain; it prohibits any undesirable growth of mold or bacteria. Unlike most steam saunas, which are single-walled, the HOCATT™ has double wall construction. The stainless steel steam kettle will provide limitless service without rust or leakage issues. Most ozone steam sauna have only one ozone generator, but the HOCATT™ is equipped with two of the finest ozone generators available. Kynar and stainless steel is used to assure ozone resistance in the connectors. The HOCATT™ system utilizes a plug and play design in order to facilitate replacement of parts that diminishes downtime. If something breaks, you are shipped a new part and “plug” it in to stay in operation with minimal disruption! When you are confident that you have only the best and want only the best service for your customers, it is easy to offer the best warranty coverage!


“CE” has become over last 10-12 years a base for many national and regional safety standards, and a preferential standard, which is universally recognized in today’s global economic market. Laboratory technicians have rigorously tested the safety mechanisms of the HOCATT™ to prove that they provide you with the utmost safety and quality. Our CE certification is an important seal of safety and quality!

The HOCATT™ system provides many safety features that work for you behind the scenes. HOCATT™ is the only ozone steam sauna to provide you with a CPU that controls all functions of modalities with precise programming to ensure safe and effective use of each modality individually and with synchronicity when used simultaneously. You can program the modalities to meet the exact needs of each patient, and the CPU guarantees the precise amounts and time are adhered to and meet that protocol. Ozone, Oxygen, CO2, FIR, Electrotherapy and other modalities are administered precisely taking out any guesswork and providing safety for you and your patients. We also offer a comprehensive manual and training both in print and online including background information on ozone and other modalities of the HOCATT™ (therapies, what they are and their benefits, protocols and treatment procedures).

  • “Timer” /”Controller” function of the HOCATT™ System CPU- allows you to set the duration of your sauna as well as times and amounts for ozone, carbonic acid therapy, et cetera.  The controller automatically starts/stops the prescribed modalities guaranteeing safe appropriate times/volumes for that modality.  When the preset time has elapsed, the timer (computer) will automatically shut off the production of heat and steam, ozone or carbonic acid flow, e-stim, or other modality.  This ensures that the sauna cannot run unintentionally for extremely long periods of time and that correct measures of each treatment are administered.
  • “Water Low” sensor – this water sensor inside the steam generator is one of the most sophisticated of its kind. It automatically monitors the level of the water inside the reservoir, and shuts down the system before it actually runs out of water.
  • The HOCATT™ is the only system that provides ozone destructors to eliminate any leftover or excess ozone at the end of sessions and excess during the session.
  • Non-slip surfaces are part of the chamber construction.

If you have any questions regarding the safety of the HOCATT™ or require further information, please feel free to email or call us.

The HOCATT™ provides 1 year coverage on the circuit boards, CPU, photon lights, Far Infrared transformers, steam generators, liposuction device, steam generator, and both high and low flow destructor motors (not the carbon filters). The handles for the Electronic Stimulator (not the connecting wires) and the Heart Rate Monitor carry one-year coverage. You will not lose use of your HOCATT™ because you will not have to wait to ship and suffer downtime during repair. The HOCATT™ warranty items will be promptly shipped to you. We will maintain an inventory of parts to replace or upgrade your HOCATT™ for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase.

Our ozone generators have a cold corona quartz glass tube that is the core of the ozone generators. They are produced from the highest quality quartz glass in the world. Our warranty covers you against “burn out” of this glass tube due to manufacturing or production errors for the lifetime of the ozone generators. This is the only warranty most manufacturers place on ozone generators. We place full confidence in precision manufacturing and pass our confidence on to you with our LIFETIME WARRANTY on not only the quartz glass tube but the entire ozone generator. You will not have to wait to return one and suffer downtime while it is being repaired. It will be replaced and shipped to you promptly. If you would like further details on our lifetime warranty, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

The HOCATT™ Pro Plus Ozone Steam Cabinet (body)

The HOCATT™ steam cabinet will provide superior service for many years and is covered by the longest warranty in the industry for defects in materials or workmanship-1 year.

Return on Investment

Signature Health views your investment in the HOCATT™ as our own and strives to provide the perfect tools to assure your success.

  • First you are purchasing the best and most versatile health system on the market.  Indeed, it is unique, the only unit of its kind.  There are many health and beauty devices on the market but none rival the quality of the HOCATT™ and none that offer all the modalities of the HOCATT™ System.
  • HOCATT™ results turn your patients/clients into your best sales force
  • The cost of the HOCATT™ is very low when compared to purchasing the various modalities individually
  • Higher fees for individual sessions for the HOCATT™ are supported by the multi-modality feature
  • Multi-modality treatments are time, staffing and space efficient
  • Training and research data are made readily available on the Healthcare Professional web-site
  • A patient website is provided that was specifically designed for your use as reference for your clients/patients with the only call to action being a return to your practice
  • We offer effective marketing materials to help you market your HOCATT™ sessions
  • We offer tools in print and electronically such as brochures, leaflets and referral letters
  • We offer minimally priced incentive items (promo packs) to increase your referral business
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