Considering A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Considering A Hyperbaric Chamber? Don't Get Started Until You See This...

While hyperbaric chambers are proven for certain conditions, many are opting for a new multi-technology wellness device and claiming it offers more complete benefits. In this comparison, we dive into what the technologies are, what they do and then compare them head to head so you can make an informed decision in your wellness journey.

Hyperbaric oxygen involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber to treat specific conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning, wound healing, divers sickness and more.

However, many wellness seekers are now opting for HOCATT – a revolutionary new device combining 10 complementary technologies including transdermal ozone steam, infrared sauna, PEMF, and more.

In just 30 minutes, HOCATT claims to provide whole-body detoxification, oxygenation, circulation enhancement, energy boosts, and overall wellbeing improvements that hyperbaric oxygen does not match in most cases.

Before we compare HOCATT and hyperbaric oxygen in detail, let’s briefly explain the 10 technologies integrated in the HOCATT:

Now that you understand what sets HOCATT apart, let’s see how it compares to traditional hyperbaric oxygen across key wellness factors:


Benefit / Outcome / Feature Hyperbaric HOCATT
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Treatment Time
Hyperbaric Variable (typically 60-90 min)
HOCATT Fixed (30 minutes)
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Number of Modalities
Hyperbaric One (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)
HOCATT Ten (Multiple Modalities)
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Claustrophobia Concerns
Hyperbaric Yes
HOCATT Minimal (Open design preferred by some)
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Invasiveness
Hyperbaric Non-invasive
HOCATT Non-invasive
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Oxygen Delivery
Hyperbaric Direct increase (More direct oxygenation)
HOCATT Transdermal Improvement
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Detoxification
Hyperbaric Limited detox benefits
HOCATT Comprehensive detoxification
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Immune Modulation
Hyperbaric Limited immune enhancement
HOCATT Comprehensive immune support
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Energy Boost
Hyperbaric Limited energy enhancement
HOCATT Comprehensive energy enhancement
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Performance Enhancement
Hyperbaric Limited performance benefits
HOCATT Enhanced performance potential
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Wellness & Longevity
Hyperbaric Limited overall benefits
HOCATT Comprehensive health improvements
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Convenience
Hyperbaric Longer session time
HOCATT Shorter session time
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Cost
Hyperbaric Potentially higher costs
HOCATT Potential cost savings
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Synergistic Approach
Hyperbaric N/A (single modality)
HOCATT 10 complementary modalities
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Skin Rejuvenation
Hyperbaric Limited effects
HOCATT Improved skin quality
Benefit / Outcome / Feature Targeted Conditions
Hyperbaric Certain medical conditions
HOCATT Broad range of wellness benefits

We’ll go through more of the comparison details below but if you see something up there that makes you think you otta get more info about HOCATT, then you can click the button below and book a call with someone that can answer your questions and get you an info kit complete with a full catalog and informational video.

Now let’s get into the details of the comparison. We’ll look at each one or group of things one by one so you can see how each technology affects each thing.

Session Time

Hyperbaric oxygen sessions typically last 1-2 hours, which can be time consuming and inconvenient, requiring travel to a facility multiple times per week. HOCATT sessions are a fixed 30 minutes, providing a quicker and easier experience in one location. For those with busy schedules, the efficiency of HOCATT is preferable.


Hyperbaric oxygen relies solely on breathing pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. HOCATT integrates 10 complementary methods including ozone, heat, PEMF, aromatherapy and more for a more holistic approach. However, some may prefer hyperbaric’s single focused method.

Invasiveness and Claustrophobia

Both are non-invasive, but hyperbaric oxygen involves entering a more confined pressurized chamber which some users may dislike or make them feel claustrophobic. HOCATT allows users to remain in an open, relaxed posture.

Wound Healing and Infection Action

Hyperbaric oxygen has proven efficacy for wound healing and treating certain bacterial infections, making it well-established. HOCATT utilizes ozone’s disinfecting properties, but requires more research to compare abilities directly.


HOCATT uses multiple mechanisms like ozone, sweating, circulation enhancement and PEMF to stimulate detoxification pathways for potentially deeper cleansing. Hyperbaric oxygen does not directly target detoxification or toxin removal in the same multifaceted way.

Immune Function

HOCATT combines ozone, infrared heat, ultraviolet exposure and PEMF to provide more comprehensive immune stimulation. Hyperbaric oxygen relies solely on oxygenation for more limited immune effects.

Oxygen Delivery

Hyperbaric oxygen increases oxygen transport in the blood by direct inhalation under pressure. HOCATT improves circulation and relies on transdermal ozone absorption for systemic delivery.

Inflammation Reduction

HOCATT’s ozone and PEMF methods help control inflammation. Hyperbaric oxygen lacks these multidimensional anti-inflammatory effects.


Hyperbaric oxygen oxygenates the blood itself. HOCATT enhances blood flow and vasodilation through ozone and carbonic acid infusion.

Pain Relief

Hyperbaric oxygen can reduce inflammation-related pain. PEMF used in HOCATT has clinically proven pain relief benefits that may exceed hyperbaric.

Brain Oxygenation

Hyperbaric oxygen can elevate brain oxygen levels when delivered under pressure. HOCATT relies on circulation and ozone absorption for improved brain oxygenation.

Skin Health

HOCATT’s ozone steam and infrared heat improves skin quality and collagen production. Hyperbaric oxygen does not rejuvenate skin itself.

So Who’s The Winner: Final Conclusion

After reviewing the detailed comparison, both hyperbaric oxygen therapy and HOCATT have unique benefits:

Hyperbaric Pros:

Hocatt Pros:

Ideally having access to both modalities would allow you to leverage the best of both worlds. But if choosing only one, HOCATT provides the most complete approach to full mind and body wellness.

The technology built into the HOCATT device produces a wide array of holistic benefits you simply can’t get from intermittent use of a hyperbaric chamber alone.

Ready to learn more about elevating your health or the health of your clients with HOCATT? Click below to schedule a call with our team and get an informational kit detailing everything HOCATT has to offer.

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