The one that started it all! HOCATT. Easy to use, astoundingly powerful, and designed to potentiate and optimize your biology and body in ways you never imagined possible. It’s the ultimate wellness device… Learn more now!

HUGO™ HIGH-INTENSITY PEMF has patent-pending Dual Full Body Mats, creating a unique “HUGO™ PEMF Sandwich”. This is the product you need to counteract our toxic world and feel GREAT!

Gary Brecka

Co-Founder of 10X Health System

“One of my favorite bio-stacking devices, I use it every week and can’t get enough. It’s amazing!  It’s REALLY good for detoxification, heavy metals, mold, mycotoxins…I feel amazing!  I noticed the whites of my eyes got really, really bright white and my skin just got really clear and even…so the HOCATT….I feel amazing!”

Dr. David Minkoff

Lifeworks Wellness Center
Clearwater, FL

HOCATT is our most popular tool and improves quality of life of our patients remarkably.
“We have 6 units and more will be needed soon.


HUGO™ High Intensity PEMF

With patent-pending Dual Full Body Mats creating a unique “HUGO™ PEMF Sandwich”, this is the product you need to counteract our toxic world and feel GREAT!

What Is WGS (White Glove Service) Delivery?

WGS means that the delivery company will un-crate the unit for you. If you do not purchase WGS, you will need to un-crate the unit yourself.

PLEASE NOTE:  WGS is not included in the purchase price, unless pertinently stated otherwise, and will carry an additional cost. Should you wish to make use of WGS, please notify us on this form so that we may obtain a quotation for you prior to delivery.