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A Strategic Wellness System

What does it take to create the ultimate system in strategic wellness? What sort of people would even try to bring to life a device that provides multiple modalities, ensuring that everyone can now reach optimal wellness? Let’s find out…

André Hugo Smith, son of an electrical engineer, spent his youth helping dad with all sorts of do-it-yourself projects. That early tinkering led to two things – a passion to solve problems and a love of helping community. While his father had a regimented system in dealing with André and his brothers, he also believed in helping those less fortunate. These early lessons instilled a strong work ethic and belief in supporting others, leading André to create several unique wellness products and ultimately find a solution that will disrupt the health and cosmetic industries as we know it – the HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna.

HOCATT Ozone Steam Sauna

As the founder of Signature Health, André ensures that the company culture is steeped in community involvement while also remaining passionate about innovation. Using a childhood credo of “Never Give Up, there is always a solution” André and his research team continue to positively impact the lives of others through a variety of visionary inventions focused on improving wellness and vitality.

André’s foray into wellness products began when he was selling hydrotherapy systems. Desiring something he could feel good about, his research led him to ozone therapy. After studying several doctors, André approached Dr. Peter Essex Clark, renowned physician whose work on ozone therapy was well known. Dr. Clark refused André’s request for teaching, but that did not deter him from his path. With a will, André began looking for a way to bring this therapy he believed in to fruition – into a way that made it easy for the general public to access easily and safely.

Around 2002, André continued his quest for a device that would provide ozone in a an easy-to-use way. After multiple attempts, he landed on the early renditions of what would become the HOCATT™ – a closed loop system that prevented ozone from mixing with air. The first marketable unit was completed in 2004.

Through the timeline below, you can see more of the story unfold. André continues to focus on his passion to provide ozone to the masses so they can understand and reap the benefits. Through his leadership, Signature Health continues to focus on serving humanity through wellness strategies via devices such as the HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna.

“I believe that any problem can be solved and my attitude of never giving up remains key to success.
I welcome you to this website, the HOCATT™ family and mutual pursuit of a better life.”