What HUGO™ Intense does

Hugo Intense utilizes spark gap nanosecond pulse technology to create true High-Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. Unlike the low-intensity devices, you can actually FEEL the pulses, so you will know for sure that something is actually happening. The nanosecond pulse is necessary to enhance the transmembrane potential in the cells, which enhances the transportation of nutrients and waste across the cell membrane. This helps to detoxify the cells, to get more waste out and allow more nutrients in. This is only possible with true High-Intensity PEMF devices that utilize a spark-gap.

Benefits of HUGO™


High Intensity, Nano-Second, Spark Gap PEMF technology engineered to restore and optimize the body’s natural healing system…now from the comfort of your own home! 

Use TWO Applicators At The Same Time

No Applicators

The Intense has TWO capacitors, this means that...

One Applicator

One person can use two applicators simultaneously, or...

Two Applicators

Two people can each use a single applicator simultaneously!

Tony Robbins Uses His HUGO™ Every Day

"It charges up the cells so they communicate better…I use it every day."
Tony Robbins

Why Tony Robbins Loves His HUGO™ ​

And just how important his "Electric Taco" is to him and his business!

Inside Tony Robbins Fiji Home to Demonstrate HUGO™

How Does HUGO™ Intense Stack Up?

Same Revolutionary Tech At A Fraction of the Cost

Now you can get access to the same revolutionary technology used by Tony Robbins, wellness clinics and other high performers but at a fraction of the cost for use in your own home!  Introducing the HUGO™ Intense, home unit.

Get Your Very Own HUGO™ Intense For Only $8,999 $6,999 With FREE Shipping!

With patent-pending Dual Full Body Mats creating a unique “HUGO™ PEMF Sandwich”, this is the product you need to counteract our toxic world and feel GREAT!


What Is WGS (White Glove Service) Delivery?

WGS means that the delivery company will un-crate the unit for you. If you do not purchase WGS, you will need to un-crate the unit yourself.

PLEASE NOTE:  WGS is not included in the purchase price, unless pertinently stated otherwise, and will carry an additional cost. Should you wish to make use of WGS, please notify us on this form so that we may obtain a quotation for you prior to delivery.